Tackle Tips


    If you are thinking of purchasing a new rod, don’t buy a heavy one, remember  that you have to hold it coupled to a reel for most of the day. I would have a  look at the Diawa Kenzaki range, they have been specially made for the use of  braid and are reasonably priced. The 20/30 two piece can be bought for less  than £100 and according to the reviews, it is one of the better rods in this  price range. Please remember that your rod does all the work when you bring in  that 20 lb Pollock, your reel only winds in the braid. This rod should cover all  types of charter fishing.

   Having said that there is no point in buying a decent rod and coupling it with a  monstrosity of a reel. An Abu 7000 type reel or equivalent is recommended,  Penn, Daiwa and Shimano are other manufacturers that should be looked at.

   The spool on the reel should have a backing of mono before a topping of a  minimum of 150 yards of 50 - 60 lb braid. The reason for the 50 - 60 lb braid  will be explained later.

   Terminal tackle can be a simple Portland Rig to which a 6 - 10 foot trace with a  lure is attached however some anglers  prefer


using a boom instead, it is simply  a matter of preference.

Whatever method you use, please refrain from  using  any form of clip that may cause a tangle, Gemini Clips, Crane  Interlock, and American Crosslocks are definitely a no go as are most  other similar types. Consider using Oval Split Rings or Breakaway Diamond  Links  if you must use a clip, otherwise use knots. In other words, keep  your rigs as simple as possible.

“What weight do we use skip” is the usual question asked when we approach the  first wreck. Weights of between 6 & 12 oz are used but 8 or 10 oz  are the  most common. The shape of the weights can vary, popular ones are ball or bomb  shaped. I always use a Snap Link to attach my weight to the Portland Rig, i.e.  similar to those on a Zip Slider. By using a Snap Link there is no need for a  week link.

Generally speaking when the wreck is snagged it is the hook that causes the problem and not the weight, by using a strong mainline i.e. 50 - 60 lb braid, the hook can be pulled free without loosing any tackle.     I trust that I have explained some of the questions that are asked by those new to wrecking, if you have any questions that I have not covered please give me a ring and I will do my best to answer them.

Drew McFarlane

2014 Report 1 Cracked rod liner