Katie Ann - Saturday 3 June

Ten members of the Club met early for our 8am departure on Katie Ann for a wrecking trip under sunny skies.  As we were all on the boat, raring to go, Paul our skipper had us on our way before 0730.  Despite Paul reporting earlier in the week that wrecking had improved dramatically, he and the other skippers fishing locally had been working hard to find the fish from Wednesday onwards.  With a very small tide, we were prepared to try for ling with bait, as well as the more conventional lure fishing for cod and pollack.

We arrived at the first wreck before 9am and with wind against tide, fishing was not going to be easy – and most of us found the wreck on the first drift!  In order to reduce tackle losses, we tended to anticipate the wreck and perhaps worked our lures too high to find the cod.  Not surprisingly, for the first hour or so we only caught pout and the wreck!

Paul tried a number of wrecks in the first 3 hours, with one on our first drift providing a cod a piece for Richard C and David T.  We fished hard on that wreck without further success. On another wreck David W caught 2 small cod and Derrick

longer than others but no headaches next morning so not too much longer!!

Day three was probably the least productive from a fishing perspective but still enough being caught to keep us interested and we finally arrived back into Weymouth at around 5pm.

Our final tally of proper fish (there were also a couple of gurnard and the obligatory pouting) was 69 fish – cod, Pollock and a ling. Not too bad at all, particularly when we found out that another boat had a total of six fish between them after two days fishing.

The fish were shared out equally and fairly and everyone went home with enough to keep them going for a while. Ryan did a cracking job filleting and preserving the fish in plenty of ice during the trip.

The fishing is not as it was in the bumper year we had in 2015 but nevertheless was still good enough to keep us interested and some good sport was had.

As I always say, these extended trips are about much more than just the fishing and an opportunity for us to get away for two or three days on a lad’s mini break.

Thanks to those who came along and therefore contributed towards a great break. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and look forward to seeing you in Cherbourg next year.


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