Back to the B&B and, after showering and freshening up, back to the pub where we all had steak and chips (don’t touch Ken’s chips – get your own!!) which was very nice. Two or three of us stayed at the pub a little

off to a flier, bringing four good Pollock on board before anyone else managed to catch.  We also tried for some ling which didn’t look as if it was going to produce a single fish but Jamie managed to hook into a very fine ling.

Ryan had some of the new Skerries eels from Sidewinder and gave them to some of us to try out. They seemed to work well and I am guessing we may see them appearing on future trips.

A couple of things to mention at this point.

Firstly, as mentioned Derrick had brought along his son, Scott, for the trip. This meant that Derrick was going to get a little more (gentle) ribbing than normal. The fact that Scott caught more than Derrick on days one and two may have been, in some part, due to the fact that Derrick was helping Scott with his tackle (he had told me before the trip went ahead that the main thing for him was that Scott enjoyed the trip). However, the rest of us just couldn’t miss the opportunity and we may have mentioned Scott’s superior numbers to him once or twice!!

Secondly, Ken had agreed to bring along all the ingredients for lunch on days two and three and Chris, Ken’s wife had also baked two cakes for us. Ken put his rod down and took out time from his fishing on both these days to make up the rolls and presented us with a very nice lunch indeed. Thanks very much Ken (and also Chris).

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