throughout our trip.  

Ryan skilfully set-up Meerkat for our first drift, made more difficult as “Fish-on” (another Weymouth boat) was already on our mark.  As we edged towards the wreck, David T hooked the first fish of the day, a nice codling of about 5lb (his first cod of the 2017 season).

On the next drift Phil and David T hooked and landed a brace of pollack both approaching 10lb.  Next it was Richard E into the action with the fish of the day (a very pale spotted, but beautifully conditioned cod of about 15lb).  After this very good start, our catch rate steadied with the odd pollack, cod and pout coming aboard.  The next significant catch was a ling for David T on a lure which uncharacteristically took his pink sidewinder lure about 10 turns up above the wreck.

With the tide easing at midday, Ryan suggested we switched to ling tackle, with mackerel or pout fillets for bait.  After a couple of drifts with perhaps a pout or two to show for our efforts, Ryan decided to try another wreck (a wreck that “Fish-on” had moved to sometime before).  Their skipper called as we started our first drift to say that his crew had not found any  

Meerkat - Saturday 13th May

This was our first trip out on Meerkat, prior to the Club Trip in late June to Alderney.  Young Ryan Casey (our Skipper) is a very accomplished fisherman who until the start of last season had been Lyle Stantiford’s apprentice on Supanova.  So this is just his second season skippering out of Weymouth.  He has obviously learnt his craft well and has already achieved an enviable and justifiably strong reputation in the port.  

Despite a lively forecast with most Weymouth boats fishing inshore on Saturday, Ryan took us wrecking as we had hoped.  Eight members of the club fished (it should have been 9, but Paul B had orders on high to remain home that day!)  We were all early for the 8 am lifting of the town bridge but the weather was not looking particularly promising, with misty rain attempting to dampen our spirits.  

However, the sea was calm in Weymouth Bay and as we headed south from Portland Bill, we had a relatively comfortable cruise out to our first mark arriving just before 10 am.  Already the weather was brightening and the wind easing and the weather (despite the forecast) continued to improve  


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