it was the largest brill I have seen caught in the past 6 seasons.  

Many congratulations to Richard C who with these 2 prime fish and a cod was deservedly Top Rod. David W out with us on his second Club trip was second and David T third.  We welcomed David Riley on his first Club trip and hope that on future trips he catches more than just pout!  

In summary, it was a rather disappointing day in terms of prime fish caught (unless your name is Richard C!) but Paul and Rick worked hard to find us fish.  Had our 69 pout been cod and pollack (as we have seen in previous years), then the trip would have been a great success.  However, I judge that we enjoyed the trip and it was creditable that we all fished hard throughout the day.  Just as a word of encouragement, I note from my fishing diaries that the wreck fishing is often tough in early June, particularly on neap tides but then picks up from the middle of the month. With that in mind, I wish all members of the Club embarking on the Alderney trip, tight lines!

Kindest regards,


hooked and landed a small pollack as he retrieved at the end of the drift but the rest of us only caught the odd pout.  

As we approached slack water, we motored 6 miles to another wreck.  On the first drift David T caught a nice ballan wrasse that was fit enough to be returned.  After that we enjoyed an hour or so of pout bashing, with them taking bait or lures aggressively.  At least we provided some pot bait, but it was disappointing not to find anymore cod or pollack.  As the tide picked up, the rate of pout bites eased but the hoped for cod and pollack did not materialise.  Paul suggested that we head in early to fish an hour or so on the Shambles for turbot.

Most of the Weymouth fleet had stayed inshore and fished for turbot all day with mixed results.  On the first drift Richard C showed us all how to do it by hooking and landing a nice turbot of about 4lb.  The next drift was blank but then on the third Richard C demonstrated his turbot was not a fluke, by hooking another fish!  From the substantial bend in his rod, this was clearly a good fish and so it proved to be, a prime brill of about 6.5lb.  Rick, our boatman, said that this was the best brill of the year caught on the  Shambles and

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