mixed inshore day.

The plan of attack was to drift for bream on the last of the flood tide, then fish for turbot and brill on the Shambles at the start of the ebb, before moving further inshore to the “Ledge” for a bass or two. We’d then conclude the day close in to Weymouth Bay with a chance of squid.  

We had all arrived well in time for the 8 o’clock bridge-raising, and so Paul managed to get us underway by 0730 and slip under the bridge.  As a result, we were out drifting on the edge of the Portland Race well before 0830.  On the first drift, Richard E had a double hit of a bream and a pout and Phil had a pout, so our prospects were looking favourable!  Ken then started catching a run of bream, whilst most of us were getting bites, but were failing to connect. During this period, Derrick caught a good sized bream that was closely followed by an even better one for Ken (the best of the day and probably approaching 3lb).  Most of us managed to connect but were still missing strong bites, but Glen who was trying a wide range of baits only managed to boat one bream, but proved to be the “pout king” with 4!

We had a reasonable haul of bream between us, but not many specimens that you would expect in late autumn, and as the tide eased, the fish were stealing

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Katie Ann - Thursday 16TH September

After a long spell of late autumn anti-cyclonic weather, I am sure many of us were concerned that the weather would break before our last BSAC trip of the 2016 season.  However, Thursday 3rd November dawned settled and relatively warm in Weymouth.  Those of us who travelled from further afield had an easy journey with no fog and relatively light traffic.  Phil managed to gather together a complete crew of 10 of us (most of the regular “old and bold”) but it was good to see Ray, Glen and Rob out with us once again.  

Paul, our skipper, was already on Katie Ann even when the earliest of us arrived, but despite recognising his voice, most of us failed to recognise him.  Ann, his wife, had planned to give him a light trim the night before but her hair trimmers had a mind of their own, as a result, Paul looked as though he had been in a fight with a lawn mower! Paul, the haircut may not be totally appropriate for the winter, but think how much money you will save over the coming months!

Our trip had been planned last year to give us a final crack at the autumn bass, but Paul suggested that with a one bass limit per angler, a shortage of bass and less than favourable reports from offshore that we should go for a

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