his cabin.

Instead, Paul tried to position us well to drift the edge of Portland Race for bream, which with a brisk tide and a lively North Westerly was not easy.  Richard E caught our first bream on the first drift which was followed by a flurry of others - including one drift when Phil and David caught 2 apiece.  However, the only really good bream was caught by Stuart and after a good start, our catch rate dwindled, not helped by "Peace and Plenty" being moved to park at the start of our drifts!  During the lovely sunny morning, we managed just 10 bream between the 7 of us (it would have been 11 had Derrick not knocked one of David's fish off the hook close to the boat!), but most were returned to fight another day. As midday approached Paul checked on other boats' performances and from all accounts, we had out-fished every other boat!  Furthermore, the professional bass fishermen had failed to find any bass.

Paul decided that we would be wasting our time trying for bass, so instead took us to the far end of the Shambles Bank for turbot and brill drifting.  The 2 Gloucestershire lads quickly showed us how to do it with a sizeable turbot for one closely followed by a sizeable brill for the other.  The Blandford team woke up!' and we caught 3 turbot and 2 brill between us, although only one of the turbot was sizeable.

Katie Ann - Saturday 17TH September

Friday 16th September dawned fresh and windy in the South West of England after an extraordinarily hot September day on Thursday.  In Central, South East and Eastern England, Friday was not only windy but exceedingly wet with significant flooding and travel disruption.  Against this background, the forecast for Weymouth was for the winds to moderate, but to continue to blow from a fresh North Westerly direction for Saturday.  Seven members of the Club met on Weymouth Quay early on Saturday morning in anticipation of the 8 o'clock lifting of the Town Bridge, including Ralph who had suffered the brunt of the recent storm. 

We were joined by 2 Gloucestershire lads who made up our numbers (interestingly our party was made up largely of the retired "Old and Bold" - unusual for a Saturday Trip).  The trip had been billed as a Bass Trip - last year, it became an offshore wrecking trip, but this year prospects, although not brilliant, were better inshore than offshore. Paul Davies, our skipper, led the Weymouth fleet to the Portland bream area, but unlike most of the rest of the skippers, did not take the easy option of putting the hook down for 3 hours or so and retiring to

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