This is not an easy mark to fish and relies on the skipper calling the drop and retrieve.  Paul successfully positioned Katie Ann to give us a chance of a bass and a couple of us had bass-hits on our lures. However, only Ralph connected and even then the bass threw the hook in mid water.  

Finally we moved in close to Weymouth Bay and a number of us tried for squid.  However, it was still quite light, we had enjoyed the day, but we were ready to go in “for an early bath!” and so we called it a day about 1535.

Our thanks to Phil for his hard-work behind the scenes and to Paul for another most enjoyable day’s fishing.  Ray was Top Rod with 9 bream, a turbot, a gurnard and 2 pout but I will leave it to Phil to calculate the other placings!  

My thanks to you all for your companionship this season and I look forward to an even better fishing year in 2017!

Kindest regards,


 our bait and were not being hooked.

Throughout the morning, the professional bass boats were out fishing, but spread over a large area so Paul concluded that the bass were not shoaling.  This was confirmed by Paul Whittall on Offshore Rebel, whose crew caught just one bass and 3 wrasse all morning.

Towards midday Paul moved Katie Ann onto the Shambles.  With little tide, only Ray connected early on with a gurnard.  As the tide started to pick up, the turbot and brill came onto feed.  Early in this period, David left Derrick “in-charge” of his rod whilst he had lunch and shared the odd yarn with Paul.  Clearly Derrick’s mind was on other things as he failed to notice the bite of a 3lb brill on David’s rod!  Despite the failure to “spool out” on the bite, the brill was well hooked and David landed it, whilst also on this drift Ray hooked and landed a small turbot. On subsequent drifts Derrick tried to strike turbot bites, but was still rewarded with 2 fish!  Rob had a nice brill and Richard E had a gurnard and a small turbot but on our final drift on the Shambles Rob caught a turbot whilst David had two (it was a pity that all the turbot were under the Weymouth Charter Boat size limit).  I had been told that garfish fillet was a “killer bait”, but this was my first opportunity to prove it! Despite this successful drift, the consensus at this stage was to move in for some drifts for bass on the small ledge off Portland.

2016 Report 9a 2017 Report 4a