Katie Ann - 8th August

Originally billed as an offshore wrecking trip, due to weather and poor catch results from recent offshore Weymouth trips, we ended up staying inshore.  Monday dawned bright but with quite a brisk westerly breeze which moved more northerly as the day progressed.  Our crew was made up of most of the weekday "regulars" but it was great to have Rob join us after a bit of a break (our new secretary, but stalwart member of the Club) and also to welcome new member Andy Oakley - (Andy we hope you enjoyed the day and you will join us for many fishing trips in the future!)

Paul Davies (Katie Ann's skipper) advised us to be ready to catch mackerel as soon as we left the harbour and sure enough, he spotted some terns working just into Weymouth Bay and we immediately started catching mackerel.

After little more than 10 minutes of brisk and exciting fishing, we had sufficient mackerel for bait and plenty for "tea"!  So we moved out to the Shambles to try for turbot.  Whereas our brief mackerel fishing had been fast and furious,over the next couple of hours only Richard hooked and

landed a small turbot that was released to fight another day!

We then moved on to fishing the Race.  With the boat drifting at over 5 knots, you couldn’t afford to relax on where your lure was in respect to the sea bottom!  Rob showed us that there were hungry bass around with a nice fish caught on a pink Sidewinder.  Several blank drifts later, Paul put us right over a small feeding shoal and a number of us caught bass on that drift, all within size except one for Phil!  On the next drift just Ralph found a bass and Rob and David caught a fish a piece on the next few drifts as the tide eased.

On slack tide, we moved back to the Shambles for a mackerel barbecue cooked by Paul and served by his Mate, Tony.  We were all fishing steadily throughout, but only Rob stopped from mouthfuls of mackerel to land a small turbot which was returned.  With the barbecue put away, we started fishing seriously, and Peter and Ken shared a good sized Blonde Ray that they had both hooked in the mouth - it certainly meant they played it quite quickly, sharing the load!  David then followed this with a 20lb blonde ray that put up a spirited fight on his light rod. 

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