So not the most successful day's fishing, but plenty of interest, great company, plenty of banter and glorious mid September sunshine.  From all accounts, we caught more than any other boat that day!  Furthermore, to set the record straight, Richard E is heading to be the Club's Champion Rod for 2016 and this could be because he has an even larger (and calorie laden) lunch pack than Ken!  On the day, David was Top Rod, but I will leave it to Phil to calculate the rest of our placings.

We still have one more Club Trip in November but due to the vagaries of the weather, I will take this opportunity to reflect on the 2016 Weymouth fishing season.  I think we would all agree that it has been a tough year, perhaps highlighted in contrast with 2015 when the offshore wrecking was quite exceptional, with plenty of good cod and pollack and the best ling fishing for perhaps 10 years.  Pollack fishing on the wrecks started really well (when weather permitted) and the cod started showing early.  However, the wrecking season really came to an end by mid July and catching cod throughout was quite challenging. (Perhaps in future, we should front load our programme as most of us prefer offshore fishing to inshore and we can anticipate that some of our planned offshore trips will be cancelled due to weather). As we all recall, 2014 signalled the end of bumper plaice fishing on the Shambles and despite hopes

that the mussel beds would recover (and attract the plaice back) that has not occurred in 2016 - we live in hope that the seed mussels take hold and 2017 signals a start of the come-back of the Weymouth plaice fishery. 

Perhaps tied in with the plaice fishery, the bream fishing off Weymouth has been extremely disappointing.  Bass fishing, when pleasure anglers could not keep any of their catch, started really well off Weymouth, but subsequently has dwindled.  This could be down to a reduction in baitfish - sandeels and mackerel - but also that the professional boys are possibly still taking too many fish.  I take no issue with recreational anglers being limited on the number of bass they can kill in a day but judge the day has come to ban completely the professional catching of bass by any means (and accompany that with a complete ban of sales of bass unless they can be proved to be farmed). 

Enough of my thoughts, on balance I have thoroughly enjoyed all my trips in 2016, both Club and individual, thanks to Phil for all his hard work as boat secretary behind the scenes, but I would also like to record my particular thanks to Paul Davies who always goes the "extra mile" to ensure his customers have a great day out"!      

Kindest regards,   David

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