Katie-Ann 5th July 2016

Despite a dubious forecast due to strong winds in the Channel, Phil confirmed that Paul Davies had decided that we would fish the Club Wrecking Trip on 5 July.  Ten members of the Club met early in the morning eager to get out, but we were delayed until the Weymouth Road Bridge opened at 8 o'clock. 

As soon as we were in Weymouth Bay, the brisk NW wind was evident with a choppy sea that made for a fairly uncomfortable passage to our mark.  Despite the bouncy sea, Paul made good time and we arrived at the wreck and were fishing before 10 o'clock.  The Weymouth wrecks have not been fishing particularly well this summer, but Paul was confident that we would catch fish and he was proved right by Ken catching the first cod and Derrick our first pollack on our second drift of the day.  The sun came out and on the drift it was remarkably comfortable, although a bit bumpy as Paul manoeuvred between drifts. 

For the next 2 hours we caught a steady stream of cod with a few pollack (Ivan catching the best of

 these), however, as the tide reduced in speed our catch rate dwindled.   

Derrick and Ivan showed us how to catch cod at slack water - but with the exception of a ling for Drew the rest of us just caught the odd pout over this period.  We were joined by "Fish on 2", which made it more difficult for Paul to position the boat exactly where he wanted it, but we all continued to fish hard with little success.  As the tide picked up David caught the biggest cod of the day (about 17lb) and on the next drift another of about 12lb.  Just before 3pm Paul called a halt and we returned to port and on the way, Rick expertly filleted our catch despite the choppy sea. 

It was by no means our best wrecking trip, but more successful than many trips by the Weymouth fleet this summer.  We all set-out to enjoy the day and we were not disappointed.

David was top rod, but I will leave it to Phil to calculate the other rankings!

Kindest regards,


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