Valkyrie 16th & 17th June 2016

    We all met at Northney Marina at 0630 hrs having got out of our beds at an unearthly hour. Having loaded all our kit onboard, off we went full of anticipation.

It soon became apparent that the impeller on the generator that enabled us to access fresh water was not working which meant no coffee or tea – not a good start.

It was a long haul to the first wreck and down we went with our lures. It wasn’t frantic but we caught enough fish on this wreck to keep us interested, mainly cod. After a short while fish weren’t playing ball so we moved on.

By now it was raining heavily and it continued like that for the whole day which didn’t make the fishing very enjoyable at all.

Second wreck was no good at all with only one or two fish.

Wrecks were a long distance between each other and from a fishing point of view were getting progressively worse. The skipper assured us the wrecks we were fishing normally produced good

bags of fish so perhaps we were just unlucky on that particular day.

By the end of the day we had only caught approximately twenty fish.

We arrived at Fecamp fairly despondent and completely soaked.

The hotel we were booked into was very close to where the boat had docked. It was a very nice hotel, extremely clean with nice rooms and at a reasonable price.

After getting into our rooms and taking much needed hot showers, we all met in the hotel lobby and had pre dinner drinks. We then walked the short distance to the restaurant the skipper had recommended and had a thoroughly enjoyable and typically French meal (nice French cheese for those who like it).

After dinner, we all ended up back at the hotel bar for a couple of beers. The wisest went off to bed earliest and some stayed longer than that (myself included)!! The first couple of hours on the boat next morning were fairly quiet.

Breakfast was enjoyable, typical French fare and back on the boat for 0800 hrs.

We set a different course for home and therefore a different set of wrecks.


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