Reports 2016

True Blue 7th May 2016

    After the safety brief, it was decided to fish off Dancing Ledge near Langton Matravers with a trip over to Kimmeridge if no bream were showing.  So at 8 o'clock, we set sail out of Poole harbour.

We started fishing on the drift with very little tide and the fish weren't biting but things started picking up as the water started to move. A few sizable bream were caught and then the fishing slackened off, we tried a few drifts and were soon joined by Wild Frontier from the Kimmeridge direction.  So it was evident that they hadn’t had any luck there so we decided to try a mark that Steve had found recently.

When we got to the mark off Bournemouth, it was already being fished by another boat so we started fishing about a mile away.  We were into small bream quite soon.

Over the day, black bream, garfish, wrasse,

dogfish & pout were caught with the vast majority being returned.

Top rod of the day was Paul Blake with 18 and Ray Hill had the heaviest fish.


PS. I had a go at getting more photos with my GoPro but as always there isn’t time to take pictures when you’re catching :)

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