First couple of wrecks were so so, nothing to write home about. By now I was beginning to get quite concerned that the trip, from a fishing point of view, was going to be a disaster.

Then on the third wreck, bingo. Lots of hard fighting Pollock with the odd cod. A lot of the fish were of a good size and they really did put up a good fight. Each drift produced three or four decent fish. This continued drift after drift. It is a real shame that we could not return the fish because it got to the point where we had caught so many Pollock that to catch any more would have been pointless and unethical.

Reluctantly, because the sport was very good, we all decided to stop wrecking and the skipper said we could try for some mackerel and then have a go for some blonde rays. Much as we tried though, we only managed to catch two mackerel between us.

We all agreed that we had enjoyed the day and in light of the mackerel situation, decided to head back to port.

We shared the fish equally between us and arrived back to the harbour at around 1730 hrs.

Taking all the points into consideration, I would say that the trip could have been improved in certain areas but overall was a success.

The nature of the trip meant that the enjoyment of it relied on more than just the fishing (which eventually came good) and I am fairly sure that it was thoroughly enjoyed by those who went on it.  

Thanks to all who came along and therefore contributed toward its enjoyment.  


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