Reports 2016

True Blue 23rd April 2016

    After a short notice change of location due to weather, it was decided to fish Poole Patch instead of offshore.  So on a bitter cold Saturday morning we, six members plus three guests, assembled on Poole quay side awaiting the arrival of True Blue.

After the usual safety instructions and the “Plan of Attack” for the day, we cast off at 0800 on the dot, making our way to Poole Patch where Steve attempted to drop anchor at 0835. With the boat spinning, “wind against tide”, we waited with bated breath whilst Steve manoeuvred the boat into its final position.

I was a little dubious, I personally have never taken a decent Bream when fishing from Poole, they have always been on the small side and gone back, however, Steve had stated that in the last few weeks he had been catching quite a few good sized fish.

Well! the next few hours were spent waiting for our dreams to come true, Steve promised that things would get better in the afternoon when hopefully, conditions would change. Fortunately conditions did change, the boat stopped spinning, but unfortunately the fish stopped feeding, we were all still dreaming when we returned to the quay at 1630.

Steve Hill (Senior) was top dog of the day with a total of 12 Bream and a Doggy. Ray second with 8 Bream and a Wrasse.

Fish of the day although not a Bream was a guesstimated 5lb Smoothound caught by Ralph.


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