Reports 2016

Katie Ann Tues 22nd  March 2016

This was the second Club trip of the year (February's trip having been cancelled due to wind and rough seas) and my first fishing trip for 6 months.

The High that had been sat over the UK for the past 2 weeks was starting to slip eastwards and this meant that the Easterly/North Easterly airflow that had been evident for most of the period was forecast to give way to southerly breezes.  The 9 Club regulars met in good time and we were under way on Katie Ann by 0720 - 40 minutes ahead of schedule.  

Paul Davies made good time on our voyage out to the first wreck, with just wavelets to contend with.  We started fishing by 0840 but all blanked on the first drift.  Richard E caught a good pollack on the second drift, closely followed by a pout for Drew and a small pollack for David.

However, the tide was dropping away steadily and Paul decided this would be a good time to move out to the shipping lane to try some of his deeper wrecks.

By the time we got to the second wreck the cloudy conditions had started to give way to sunshine and light breezes. A number of us caught good sized pollack on the first drift on this new wreck, but then only Richard was consistently catching fish.

As the tide picked up, we all started to catch fish, but the pollack were not throwing themselves at our lures and so many bites were missed and some fish lost in mid water.  Most notably, Paul gave Ken a hard time for bullying a fish at the early stages of the fight and this was lost, but probably the best fish of the day was lost by Ralph - it stripped line in mid water for several seconds, but then broke Ralph's trace at the swivel.

We continued to catch fish on our last 2 marks finishing with a large amount of pollack and one pout between us.  Richard E was top rod with 9 pollack, Ken was second with 7 pollack and Drew was third with 6 pollack and a pout.  Paul expertly filleted  our catch on our final mark and we returned to Weymouth under blue skies and light winds having all enjoyed a good day's fishing.

Kindest regards,   David

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