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September 19th trip on Katie Ann

This was my first Club trip for sometime and my individual trip planned for earlier in the week had been cancelled due to strong winds, which had also been accompanied by heavy rain.  So I for one was delighted that the forecasted High developed in time for Saturday's trip on Katie Ann.  

The trip had been planned as a bassing trip but the tide was not particularly big and Weymouth inshore fishing has been relatively poor this year so the day became a wrecking trip.  Most of us had to drive through fairly thick fog on our journeys down to Weymouth but the promised light breeze and sunshine was already established on the coast.

Nine members of the Club fished and although Paul Davies was relatively confident that there were still cod (our target species) on the wrecks, no one had been able to fish them for over a week.

We made very good time out to our first wreck, with just a slight chop on the water which calmed even further as the day developed.  Paul thought that with only a slow current, we would

be unlikely to catch on the first drift.  Fred and Phil proved him wrong with a cod apiece and David hooked a fish which promptly dived into the wreck.  As he tried to pull his tackle free, the wreck developed into a strong and determined fish!

 Paul of course gave David a hard time, suggesting that having not fished for over a month, he couldn't tell the difference between a fish and the wreck.  All became clear when a 20 lb ling was boated feasting on a pout that had taken David's lure.

Only Phil consistently caught fish throughout the day with the rest of us enjoying "purple patches".  It was late in the Weymouth offshore season but we were much more successful than the crew had been on the last Club Trip on 22 August.  

We had a good catch of cod (largest, one of 10lb caught by David on the final drift), 9 pollack, one ling and 15 large pout all from the same wreck.

Top Rod was Phil by some margin, fishing his silver and blue SavageGear Eel - he hardly had