2015 Report 4 2015 Reports

a blank drift all day, followed by Richard C in second place and David third.  

Drew, Fred and Derrick also caught a good number of fish and we all thoroughly enjoyed a glorious late summer's day fishing!  

We even caught mackerel on the Shambles on the way in whilst Rick finished filleting our catch. I have worked out the points in the same way that Rob used at the beginning of the year, i.e. each members first target fish of the day will be awarded 20 points, thereafter each target fish will be awarded ten points. The first species of any other non target fish netted will be awarded six points, thereafter each non-target fish, to a maximum of 5 of any species will be awarded one point.

David Thorpe

Aug 22nd trip on Katie Ann

We were scheduled to go out on Wild Frontier today but, due to a misunderstanding and thanks to Paul Davies accommodating us at very short notice, we left Weymouth harbour at 8 am aboard Katie Ann.

After about an hour and a half we arrived at our first wreck with eager anticipation. Fishing was slow but not impossible with a couple of cod coming here and there, made up by the odd Pollock, some pouting and small Gurnard.

This pattern continued throughout the day. When the wreck we were on was not producing anything at all, Paul moved on to another, trying four or five wrecks throughout the day with a few fish coming from each.

We have been lucky this year with some fantastic wrecking trips and this trip promised to produce much of the same but didn’t quite live up to past successes. However, enough fish were caught to keep us all interested and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Perhaps it was the quality of the lead weights that let us down Derrick?!!  We stopped on the way back in and there was a decent showing of mackerel so my breakfast was very nice this morning!!

Thanks to all for a great day and I hope your day was as enjoyable as mine.

Phil Marchi