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18 July trip on Wild Frontier

 It was with a degree of hope that we sailed from Weymouth on the above date having seen the previous days sport blown off.  Needless to say we wondered if the sea would have settled down however we need not have worried.  Once under the bridge and clear of the harbour it was clear our fears were unfounded. [as Clem had said!]

A 2 hour sail to the first wreck saw wave height diminish even further, and spirits rise in tandem. As soon as Clem had positioned Wild Frontier to his satisfaction he gave the customary order to "go get 'em".  No sooner had the weights and lures hit the seabed by the wreck and the first cry of "fish on" was heard , quickly followed by others.  As expected, cod were the target fish and that was what came to the top.  Every drift brought more fish to the surface to the delight of all present.  As a light relief, an occasional pollock decided life below was too stressful and gave itself up!.

With everyone catching fish , the weather being kind and very little tackle being lost, we remained on the initial wreck until early afternoon catching on most drifts even when the tide slackened, at this point Clem decided to go to another wreck nearer to home which would give us time for tea after our exertions whilst in transit.

After 45 minutes steaming the exercise was repeated with more fish being brought to the storage boxes. At about 4pm, Clem called it a day and set sail for home ,upon which he and his crewman set to work as a team gutting and filleting all the catch ensuring only edible fish was taken home, for which everyone was very grateful

As we sailed into Weymouth at 5.35pm we all agreed that it had been a superb day all round, not least Peter who had the best fish of the day, a Cod approaching 20 lbs for which Clem gave him a Wild Frontier "Hoodie" which will be worn with pride in future.

All in all a top quality day with a top quality skipper and crew.

Peter Ferguson