2015 Report 2

May 22nd aboard Katie Ann

 Our last trip in early May had been cancelled due to strong South Easterly winds, so we were all delighted to hear that our wrecking trip on Katie Ann was to go ahead.  The weather forecast was for a building high in the Channel with relatively light winds and sunshine.  

Unfortunately, Friday dawned grey with a steady drizzle that got worse as we left Weymouth and the breeze increased too.  That did not detract from our expectations for the day and we were all delighted to enjoy the company of Drew (a late replacement for the trip) but looking extremely well despite his recent health scare.  We were also delighted to welcome 3 new members to the Club from Bristol namely Robert Crawford, Steve Parsons and Nigel Crawford and look forward to enjoying their company on many fishing trips in the future!

We arrived at our first wreck some 25 miles from Weymouth just before 9 o’clock and all blanked on the first drift.  On the second drift David and Steve T were almost immediately into fish with David landing a codling and Steve a pout.  This wreck apparently did not fish as

well as it had the day before, but most of us were catching fish steadily and David caught the largest cod of the day, a fish of 21½lb, a new personal best.      However, bites started to dry up and so Paul moved us onto our second wreck, a mark we fished for the rest of the trip.  

We caught plenty of fish on this wreck, all on coloured lures - although a short trace was the order of the day!  Phil, who I had tipped to catch the first fish only shortened his trace towards the latter part of the day and only then started to regularly hook fish.  Drew once again demonstrated that he is the "pollack king" and experimented with a large range of lures and was rewarded with the largest (by some margin) of the 4 pollack caught.  We all felt