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sorry for Nigel who was only well enough to fish competitively for the first part of the trip, and although the weather improved steadily, his colour only returned as we headed back to port!  We hope that the experience did not put him off and that a patch of brown paper under his shirt plus a sea sickness pill will set him up well for his next trip!

Most of our catch was cod and the details have been passed to the committee for collation of the Club's Champion Rod.  Although I have not calculated our scores, I believe David was first, followed by Steve T in second place and Ralph in third.

Kindest regards,  David

March 25th aboard Katie Ann

 For six out of our depleted crew of just eight, this was our second trip on Katie Ann out of Weymouth in a week.

A week earlier under blue skies and a NW breeze, that was strong in the morning and then moderated in the afternoon; the six of us had at least 50 good pollack between us.  

Wednesday 25 March heralded very similar

conditions and our hopes were high as we headed for our first mark almost 2 hours motoring from port.  Unfortunately it was not to be - there were fish on all of the eight or nine wrecks that we fished but they really were not in "feeding mode"!  

Phil M once again was the first of us to catch, on our second wreck - a nice pollack of about 8 lbs.  On the next mark, Derrick R thought he had snared the wreck but then landed a foul hooked pollack of a similar size!  Ralph and Derrick added another pollack a piece to our "bag" in the early afternoon and Rick (Paul's boatman) landed a pollack, (assisted by Richard E) a poor cod and a small pout - but that was it!   

Paul Davies (our skipper) worked hard to find us fish, trying wrecks that he had not previously fished including many of his prime marks.  Despite us all fishing hard throughout the day, trying different lures and different techniques; all that most of us caught were the wrecks!  

 The day's champion rod was Derrick with two pollack, followed by Phil and Ralph with one apiece - the rest of us blanked, but we all agreed that they had had a great day out - good company, nice weather - so much better than a day wasted on a golf course!

Kindest regards,   David T