Reports 2014

December 5th aboard True Blue

     The window in the weather stayed open for us and we steamed out towards the Needles on as good a December day as you could hope for.  Steve tried three Needles marks for cod without success although a steady stream of whiting, pout and dogs came aboard. A trip to a wreck for the last hour, saw two good fish hooked but not boated. As most anglers caught the allowance of 5 whiting, 5 pout and 5 dogs it was decided to give 10 points all round.  

Cheers, Rob

October 11th aboard Wild Frontier

 After a windy week, we were pleased to hear that the Bassing Trip with Clem Carter on Wild Frontier was on.  Paul Davies reported that just one of the professional boats had taken to sea the previous day and caught plenty of fish.

      We left Weymouth Bay in calm conditions, but it was bumpy from the outset in Portland Race

 and the water was heavily coloured.

 We had a number of long fruitless drifts starting well out from the Portland Light and I admit that I wasn't hopeful.  However, as the tide picked up speed Clem took us in closer and Phil Marchi almost immediately caught a bass on an orange Side-winder.  Most of us started to catch on subsequent drifts, with a wide range of colours being taken although pearl Sidewinders proved to be the most successful lure.

As the tide reduced in speed, our take rate on each drift lessened and then the wind picked up and a squall came through which resulted in a temporary halt to our fishing.  After the squall had passed, we resumed fishing with David T catchinga small bass in mid water that was returned and then on his next drop he caught a 6.5lb bass that was to be our last catch from the Race.

Clem contacted the other boats but they reported that they had fished unsuccessfully for 2 hours for plaice and bream probably due to the water colouration on the Shambles.  Clem suggested that we take a lunch break and we would then start targeting the bass once the tide picked up.

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