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Reports 2015

February 17th aboard Katie Ann

 Our first trip of the year was confirmed by Rob early Monday evening but there was still a question over whether or not the strong over-night winds would have moderated enough for us to hit the mid-Channel wrecks.  Paul Davies covered this eventuality by ensuring that we had bait on board Katie Ann if we were forced to fish the inshore reefs - what a great skipper!  Lyle on Supanova 11 was 15 minutes ahead of us and confirmed that as he cleared the Portland headland he saw that it was suitable to go wrecking.

We arrived at our first wreck at 10 am and immediately started catching fish, mostly pollack (our target species) with the odd pout.  Conditions were just about perfect - a beautiful sunny early spring day (in mid February!) with a moderating NW breeze.  Better still, we were all catching fish on this deep water wreck which was also not particularly "tackle hungry", no monsters were caught but most of us caught at least one double figure pollack which gave great sport.  As the tide speed picked up many of the fish were hooked close to the bottom and Phil M added some variety to the bag by landing a nice codling.

  Many of the fish spat out sprats when they were landed, but they seemed to be happy to take plastic sand eels in a range of colours.  Our most successful drift was when Paul was in the wheelhouse talking to Lyle on the radio when most of us hooked and landed a pollack!

Early afternoon with 3 almost full boxes of fish, Paul headed to a second wreck that was on our way back to port.  Paul started to prepare our catch and more pollack and pout were caught on this wreck, but none were as large and the fish were less prolific.  We started the long voyage back to port about 2.45 pm after a brilliant day's fishing, our most successful Club pollack trip for some time! Our thanks to Paul for a great day out.

I will let Rob calculate the scores, but it was a close run thing for the day's champion rod between Richard E with 8 pollack and 3 pout and Phil M with 7 pollack, 1 codling and 6 pout. Drew caught 7 pollack (including 2 crackers!) and 1 pout, Peter F had 7 pollack, Ken had 6 pollack and 1 pout, Ralph had 6 pollack, David T had 5 pollack and 3 pout, Derrick had 5 pollack and 1 pout and Richard C had 3 pollack and 6 pout.      

Kindest regards,  David T