2014 Report 5 2014 Reports

  A number of drifts on the ledge off Portland were unsuccessful so Clem took us back to the Race, but the sea was now extremely rough in the Race and after one short drift he decided that conditions were too uncomfortable.

 So we joined the rest of the Weymouth fleet on the Shambles where Lyle on Supanova reported they were catching bass.  We fished the remainder of the trip in this area with many of the crew trying bait rather than lures because the water was so discoloured, but without success.  David T had 2 more bass on his pearl Sidewinder including one on the final drift of the day, just beating Rob C into 2nd place.

We caught 31 bass between the 11 of us,although Steve T having caught one bass mid-

morning decided to catch up on his beauty sleep, so really there was just 10 of us fishing!  Despite the challenging fishing conditions, the trip was the most successful bassing trip for a couple of years.  David had 7 bass, Rob had 6, Ivan was third with 5 and Paul and Gareth were joint fourth with 3 fish apiece.


September 13th aboard Katie-Ann

 The trip was on, but due bad catch reports offshore, Paul changed it to an inshore bream or plaice trip, with a little stab at a possible bass at the end. The weather was good, with a little chop in the morning but dropping as the day wore on.

The total catch was as follows, with members individual catches next: 87 bream, 4 plaice, 2 turbot, 2 mackerel, 1 cod, 1 poor cod, 4 gurnard, 1 dragonet, 2 pout.

By and large a good day, if not as originally planned. The HM Coastguard office in Weymouth closed as part of reorganisation on the day of the trip. Nearly all the recreational fishing fleet, the Weymouth offshore and inshore lifeboats, two pilot craft, some crabbers and numerous other vessels including many yachts gathered at the river mouth and sailed in line astern to show appreciation of the good work done by Coastguards in protecting us.