Cracked Ring Liner

Whilst fishing with the club on Saturday one of our members lost lots of tackle before discovering that one of the rings on his fishing rod had a hairline crack in the inner ring liner.

Normally this happens on the tip ring but on this occasion it was on the second ring down from the top. I believe this could have been caused by a small swivel travelling through the rod and nicking the disc.

 However if you use a 5mm bead and a small length of tubing to cover the bead and the top half of the swivel, the heavier weight can be avoided.

As you can see from the picture, the main line (Braid) is inserted through the bead in the tube and tied to a swivel. I connect a 2 ft Portland Trace to this using a 10mm stainless steel split ring. To keep things simple, you can tie the Portland Trace to the swivel on the mainline and save a swivel, however by using the split ring, rigs can be changed much quicker. Whatever way you do this there is no need for a mono shock leader.

To cut down on tangles please refrain from using any form of clips, if in doubt, take a length of braid and try to see if it can be trapped in the clip that you are tempted to use.

Another question that I was asked, not only last Saturday but on numerous occasions; “what is the best knot to use”? My old friend Mike Concannon gives an excellent demonstration on this link.

Fishing Dartmouth - How to tie a "Grinner" Knot

It is fact that this is the ultimate knot to use in fishing, it might take a few seconds longer to tie than some other knots but in all the years that I have been fishing I have never known one to come undone, it is a 100% knot, hence the reason for 50 - 60lb braid - 40lb Amnesia Portland Rig and 30lb Amnesia trace line.        Drew

I had a similar experience a number of years ago and solved the problem by putting a bead on the braid before tying on the swivel itself.  Unfortunately the bead can drag in the water and you may need a heavier weight to counter this.

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