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July 12th aboard True Blue

Andy G was in the chair to organise our first bass fishing trip of the year - this time with Steve Porter on True Blue.  Steve advised a relatively late start (0845) to optimise our fishing "window" and catch sandeels in Poole Bay ready for the day.  The net drop went well in sunny and calm conditions but unfortunately, the few sandeels caught were very small and the only notable catch was an amazing side catch of brilliant silver and fluorescent green whitebait.  So it was out further in to the Bay to try to catch small skad and mackerel.  Again the Gods were not shining on our intrepid band of fishermen and we only caught a relatively small number of bait fish (along with a side catch of black bream and tub gurnard) in the next hour or so.

As a result, we missed the bass fishing "window" at our first mark in Christchurch Bay and moved swiftly on to a mark in Freshwater Bay. Several blank drifts later, Steve tried a number of his well tested marks to the south of the Needles.

  Only on the last mark did we at last connect with the fish.  Most of us at this stage had switched to live sandeels with Stephen H (senior) being the only angler to hook and land 2 bass.  David T, I think I was the only angler who stuck with small skad as bait throughout with one fish landed and another 4 lost!  Five of our crew regrettably failed to catch a bass, but none caught were really sizeable (all caught were between 2 and 3.5lb).  Andy caught the largest fish of the day and thought that shortly after he was into another good fish, but sadly he had snagged David T's line!  By mid afternoon, the forecast stronger SW wind had really taken hold and the tide had dropped away so our bites faded too.

We stopped again briefly in Christchurch Bay but again blanked and then stopped briefly in Poole Harbour for a crack at the plaice but again without success before returning to port.  In summary, not our most successful fishing trip, but enjoyable nonetheless and Steve worked hard under difficult conditions.