Reports 2015

October 17th trip on Wild Frontier

Eight of us met at 0730 hrs on board Wild Frontier. The plan was a day’s bass fishing with bream fishing when the bass stopped feeding.

Thanks to Rob who contributed a few boxes of squid and also to Steve and Steven Hill who shared some squid that they had also brought along.

We headed round the coast in the direction of Portland to catch some Joey Mackerel to use as livebait for the bass. Rob was the only person who clearly had the correct size hooks on his feathers for Joeys and if not for him, we would not even have managed one each!

We then began drifting for bass. We tried three drifts altogether. The sea was a bit lumpy and the weather in the earlier part of the morning not great.  Anyway, no bass caught by anyone so we certainly didn’t need to worry about the three bass each rule!

We spent the afternoon at anchor for some bream fishing and anything else that may appear.

Things were slow to begin with but finally picked up with Steve and Stephen Hill fairing best with some fine bream and a number of other species being caught by all.

Ralph brought a decent Bull Huss to the surface but it managed to escape before being netted. Then it was caught twice again (we reckon it was definitely the same fish) by both Steve and Rob. I am not sure who finally kept it but it is now or soon to be introduced to some tinfoil and a preheated oven!

Species caught – Bass, Bream, Pout, Gurnard, Dogs, Bull Huss, Whiting, a Brown Crab and a couple of very large mackerel.  Just before heading back, the skipper decided to try a couple of drifts again for bass, this time with lures.  First drift Phil managed to catch a bass but not large enough to keep so back it went.

Congratulations to Rob who was top rod with the varied amount of species caught.

Thanks to all who fished.

Phil Marchi

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