Turbot Fishing

With the first Turbot trip just a few weeks away many of us will be asking ourselves, “What Tackle do I use?”

On my Turbot trips I use a 12/20 coupled with a reel filled with 30 kg braid, if you don’t have  a 12/20 don’t panic, your old faithful 20/30 will do the job just as well.

Terminal tackle for Turbot is either a Portland Rig, Boom or Zip slider, whatever you prefer, there is no need for a mono shock leader. A Turbot trace is a maximum of 8ft 20/30/lb length of clear Amnesia with a FIXED PENNEL using good quality chemically sharpened wide gape hooks no more than 3 inches apart. Hook size depends on your choice of bait but should be from 3/0 & 6/0. Some people prefer using a single hook, in my opinion the bait can be presented better with a two hook pennel the choice is yours.

Recommended bait for Turbot is Sand Eel, Launce, Mackerel strip or Squid presented on the sea bed as natural as possible. Your bait must remain on the sea bed at all times.

The best type of weight to use is a “Watch Lead” or a similar type of flat weight, on no account must a ball weight be used. Your weights will vary depending on the tide etc, but will usually be between 4 and 10ozs although on some occasions heavier weights may be necessary.

As always I emphasize, the above is my opinion. This may differ with others but it has worked well for me.

Drew McFarlane

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