A small watertight container with a selection of good quality chemically sharpened hooks, Veals Varivas are my preference. My hook sizes start at 0/2 through to 6/0, this range covers all fishing from Bream - Plaice - Bass - Turbot - Cod and Pollock.

A small bits box containing:

A selection of end tackle bits and pieces.

Swivels - Assorted coloured beads - Split Rings etc.


A selection of various coloured lures and jellies.

Other Essentials:  

Zip sliders, Booms, Bait Elastic, Filleting and Bait knife, Stainless steel pliers, Hook file, Scissors.

On your first trip out with only the above items in you box, you will realise the extra weight you that you have been carrying over the years. If you are missing something you can always borrow it and then add it to your box for the next trip.

Drew McFarlane

What tackle to take Turbot fishing