What tackle to take

What tackle do I need on this trip?  I have been asked this on countless occasions over the past few years. There is no need to burden yourself with a huge tackle box filled with everything but the kitchen sink.  A few years ago, I decided that enough was enough and more than halved the contents of my box.  I can truthfully say I haven’t missed anything that was removed from the box.  Having spoken with a few well known charter skippers, I have put together a list that should cover most of the items required for our fishing trips.

Rods & Reels:

I always carry two rods with reels attached. A 12 - 20 and a 20 - 30. and spare 300mtr. spool of  50lb Whiplash. If I go on a Bream trip I replace the 20 - 30 with a 6 - 12 or a light spinning rod.


On a wrecking trip for Cod, Pollock or drifting for bass, I will normally carry, 2 x 12 oz, 6 x 10 oz and 4 x 8 oz ball weights or similar. A total of 7¼ lbs. of dead weight?

For Bream I have a small container of weights ranging from 2 - 6 oz.  This container has a few other assorted weights from 1/2 - 5 oz.  

 If drifting for Turbot or Plaice, I use watch leads instead of ball weights but don’t carry as many.


To save time on the boat I always make my traces at home and all are packed in a small water tight container.

6 x 2 ft 60 lb clear Greased Weasel Portland Traces

6 x 8 ft lengths of 30 lb Amnesia for wrecking.

6 x 4 ft lengths of 40 lb Amnesia for Cod.

6 x 6 ft lengths of 40 lb Amnesia for Bass. All these have a swivel tied to one end.

6 x 2 ft Bream traces.

6 x 2 ft Plaice traces.

6 x 6 ft Turbot traces.

1 set of 3 hook Mackerel feathers.

1 set of 5 hook sand eel feathers.

A Spool Tube containing a selection of Trace Lines e.g.

20 - 30 - 40 lb Amnesia and a 50/60 lb Greased Weasel.  

Cracked rod liner What tackle pt.2